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Cobalt SS Stage 4, Turbo Kit Upgrade

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Price: $1,653.00
Cobalt SS Stage 4, Turbo Upgrade Kit This is an upgrade kit, and does not include any bolt on parts that may be needed to run a complete stage 4 kit.
Part Number: TRE-TKCOBST4

This is an upgrade kit, and does not include any bolt on parts that may be needed to run a complete stage 4 kit. We have only included the turbo upgrade kit in this package mainly due to people already having current bolt on modifications, this will also make pricing more reasonable. With over a year and half of manufacturing delays, without further a due, we are proud to announce the release of the stage 4 Treadstone Cobalt SS turbo upgrade kit!

We teamed up with Turbosmart, and they offered up some great deals on the 38mm wastegate, and 50mm blow off valve.

Turbo Manifold
08+ Cobalt SS 2.0 LNF Turbo, 304 Stainless Cast Tubular Manifold. Treadstone manifolds are cast using the latest in turbocharger-manifold technology using state of the art CAD based techniques. They benefit from an exclusive investment casting method utilizing bulletproof 304/347 stainless steel. The high thermal inertia and excellent heat retention of cast stainless steel provides the turbocharger with as much thermal energy as possible. This effect raises the overall efficiency of the system and produces results superior to tubular/welded manifolds. Furthermore, stainless steel is virtually impenetrable to rust and other forms of corrosion and will stay looking beautiful for years to come. No more rusting looking turbo manifolds!

Downpipe and Dump Tube
The downpipe is hand crafted in the USA from 304 stainless steel and tig welded to perfection. Included in each pipe is a flex section to prevent cracking from the constant vibration and heat cycling a turbo system goes through. We decided to recirculate the dump tube quite a ways down the downpipe, this aids in wastegate efficiency and reduces unwanted noise. This can be easily converted to open dump with slight modification to the pipe. 

Turbocharger selection
We choose to start of with the base T3/T4E 50 trim, or precision 55mm compressor wheel and 57mm turbine wheel, better know as the 5557E. A similar size turbo to a Garrett GT3076R. This is one of the most efficient compressor wheels to date, the ratio of inducer to exducer measurements are a perfect combination for use on 2.0 to 2.5l motors making upwards of 30psi. We feel the 58mm wheel falls off in higher PSI application, and this has been scene with many SRT4 and Subaru testing in the past. The next turbo size up, we would only recommend for guys wanting to break the 500whp mark, and go with a 6262SPSkipping over the 5857SP is not a very big jump in turbo size, and your better off with a 6262. This is similar to aGT3582R from Garrett. This turbo has the potential to make up to 600whp+ on this platform and is only for the big power fully built guys. 

Wastagete and Blow off Valve.
Since we are getting rid of the stock turbo, and stock bypass valve, you have the option of running a Turbosmart blow off valve or none at all. We do not reccomend running without a BOV, but this is sometimes done on all out time attack cars to keep boost in the pipes for quicker throttle response between shifts. 

Our pipe only includes provisions for a Turbosmart, if you want to run any other BOV, you will have to cut and weld the pipe, as well as re-powder coat it. We can custom weld any BOV flange on for an upcharge of $70. In the future, we will probably make more pipes with more BOV options, but we currently have 50 sets in staock all with the Turbosmart flange.
The wastegate is in an ideal optimized location to route exhaust gasses away from the turbine wheel when needed. The need for a larger wastegate in this set up is not needed because the the placement of our wastegate. With this optimized location, boost creep and boost spikes will never happen!

What is included in the kit
-Treadstone Cast Stainless Tubular Manifold
-Treadstone 304 Stainless downpipe and Dump Tube
-Turbosmart 38mm Wastegate
-Includes all Hardware fittings and Gaskets
-Silicone Hoses, T-bolts and V band Clamps
-DEI Downpipe Heat Wrap
-Vacuume lines, & Check Valves

Also Available by Demand! The complete Garrett turbocharger line up. Yes that is right, we are able to adapt any of the Garrett GT and GTX turbos to our kit utilizing the T31 V band downpipe connection.

Note: Waterlines will be included with all Garrett GT series turbos. Precision turbos will block off factory waterlines

Because Turbo pricing changes often, and we offer Precision, Turbonetics and Garrett turbochargers with this kit, we are offer the kit without a turbo. **you must add a turbo to the order** please call us up for details.

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