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HAHN PortFueler System for Suzuki Hayabusa FI-5032
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HAHN PortFueler System for Suzuki Hayabusa FI-5032

Part Number HRC-FI-5032
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The new PortFueler system is the long-awaited solution to combining fabulous street drivability with ultra-precision boost fueling.  Developed by Bill Hahn Jr., this innovative enrichment fuel approach is revolutionary! 

PortFueler does away with ALL of the problems associated with upstream additional injectors (typically plenum-mounted) that flow fuel past the stock throttle plates.  With PortFueler™, there's no more contamination of signal hoses or sensors, and no throttle shaft fuel leaks. Plus, no dangerously flammable air-fuel mixtures emitted out of the blow-off valve under the fuel tank when you slam the throttle shut.

PortFueler’s Direct Port Injection puts the enrichment fuel where it belongs...in the PORT!  It provides seamless response, unparalleled street manners, and perfect transitions into boost.  You have to drive one to believe the difference!    

PortFueler's sophisticated control module is easily accessed with any PC, and allows for unlimited tuning file saves.  Works like a standard Windows program! 


The built-in DataLogging feature makes dyno tuning a breeze.  With detailed tunability all the way to 28 PSI boost, you can dial in EVERY aspect of the bike's boosted performance, at all boost and RPM levels.  And there's no need to replace the stock fuel injectors with balky larger ones...the stock injectors and PCM remain, retaining awesome street manners when you’re not on boost.

Billet CNC PortFueler housings completely replace the troublesome rubber throttle body boots.  This highly-engineered design seals with O-rings for a leak-free, positive connection.

Compatible with any turbosystem, the PortFueler can be easily calibrated to meet the fuel needs of any combo.

Works in a Windows© environment. 

The PortFueler  works independently of the factory Fuel Injection System and PCM!

Perfect street cruising and ultimate HP. Get the best of BOTH worlds with PortFueler. Drivability & Performance !

Hayabusa PortFueler™ Kit # H FI-5032 includes:

  • (4) Hayabusa PortFueler™ injector housings

  • (4) Fuel injectors

  • Injector fuel rail w/ brackets

  • Pre-calibrated PortFueler™ control module

  • Calibration software for fine-tuning

  • Installation hardware package

  • Detailed installation and tuning manual 

This ready-to-go system comes complete with the tune-up developed by Bill on his 'Busa, and contains everything you need to convert any Stage I TurboSystem (Hahn and others) to 28 PSI boost, 450 HP capability!

Custom versions to suit ANY power level are also available...email us for details.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
H FI-5030Hayabusa PortFueler system, complete: includes Billet Injector Housings, Fuel Rail, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Programmable Control Module and Software, pre-calibration, brackets and hardware$1199.99
H FI-5032Hayabusa PortFueler system, basic: includes Billet Injector Housings, Fuel Rail, Fuel Injectors, Programmable Control Module, pre-calibration, brackets and hardware$999.99
H FI-5035Mounting System Only, Hayabusa PortFueler: includes Billet Injector Housings, Fuel Rail, brackets and hardware$499.99

*Some products listed are legal for sale or use in CA only for racing vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway.

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