RCC Suzuki Hayabusa 550HP Street/Strip Turbo Kit 1999 - 2007

RCC Suzuki Hayabusa 550HP Street/Strip Turbo Kit 1999 - 2007


RCC 1999-2007 Suzuki Hayabusa 550HP ULTRA Turbo Kit. This kit is capable of 550HP! Billet Aluminum Water/Air Intercooled Plenum!!!

RCC Turbos
  • Garret GT 35-R
  • 44 mm V-band tial wastegate
  • 50 mm tial blow off valve
  • 3" stainless steel race dump pipe
  • 304 grade stainless steel header and flanges
  • braided oil feed line and fittings
  • oil return line and fittings
  • billet fuel rail with AN fittings for stock injectors
  • billet fuel rail with AN fitting for secondary
  • 4 x injectors
  • new in-line fuel pump
  • fuel pressure regulator
  • fuel lines for the fuel system
  • polished air box with secondary injectors
  • secondary fuel controller with internal 40 psi
  • map sensor
  • water injection
  • oil block off plates
  • heavy duty clutch springs
  • ajustable cam sprocket and cam chain
  • tensioner spacer
  • 0.080" base spacer, head, clutch and oil pan
  • head, clutch and oil pan gaskets
  • crankcase vent filter
  • fuel pressure gauge installed in primary fuel rai
  • fan temperature switch relocater and extension wires
  • boost gauge
  • K&N air filter
  • all vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, and fittings
  • all hoses, vacuum lines and wires are prelabeled for easy installation
  • Installation instructions are provided on CD

Choose Options

Street/Strip Turbo Kit Options
Onboard Datalogging and Wideband O2 [+$1,000.00]
Cooling fan and mounting hardware [+$120.00]

You already know that RCC Turbo Kits are some of the finest turbo kits made in the world today, and the RCC Hayabusa Street/Strip Turbo Kit, capable of 550 hp on race fuel, is no exception.  The RCC Hayabusa Street strip Turbo Kit 550 Hp is essentially The RCC Hayabusa Race Turbo Kit, but uses a 2 inch up pipe that goes through the ram air to pull. For those of you who do not want to cut the frame crossmember for the uptight nor do you need to relocate your cooling fan with this kit. If you want a 550 hp turbo kit and don't want to set your bike up as a full race bike, then this is the kit for you. With this RCC Hayabusa Street/Strip Turbo Kit you have everything you need in a turbo system to hit the street with 550 hp on race fuel. With this RCC Street/Strip Turbo Kit you get a custom Garrett GT GT35-R, capable of producing 550 hp. To control the boost levels this RCC Race Turbo Kit comes with a 44 mm of V-Band Tial Wastegate and to release unneeded pressure this kit is equipped with a 50 mm Tial blow off valve. Bolting up the custom 304 stainless steel header and flanges from RCC Turbos to handle the exhaust gases, before dumping through the 3 inch stainless steel race dump pipe. Air flows through with 2 inch up-pipe with V-band clamps and O-rings into a billet polished intake plenum fitted with four secondary fuel injectors. To fire the injectors this RCC race turbo kit employs a secondary fuel controller with an internal 40 psi map sensor. To control intake temperatures, this kit comes standard with an aqua mist water injection system. This RCC race turbo kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa, also comes with all the mounting hardware, fittings and engine components needed for this turbo install.


If you want the best street/strip kit money can buy, then look no further than the RCC Hayabusa Race Turbo Kit, capable of producing 550 hp on race fuel.


We also carry a full line of engine components, such as connecting rods Pistons and clutch components, so you can build a motor capable of handling the horsepower this turbo kit produces.


Due to the numerous options offered on the RCC turbo kits, each kit is custom-made per order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping and processing.

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