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RCC Suzuki Hayabusa 650HP SUPER ULTRA Turbo Kit 2008-2014

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Price: $13,050.00
RCC 2008-2014 Suzuki Hayabusa 650HP SUPER ULTRA Turbo Kit. This kit is capable of 650HP! Billet Aluminum Water/Air Intercooled Plenum!!!

If you are looking for the ultimate turbo kit for your Suzuki Hayabusa, you need look no further than the RCC Suzuki Hayabusa Ultra Turbo Kit. But if 550 hp just isn't enough for you, this Super Ultra turbo kit is for you. With a huge twin entry Garrett GT 40R this kit produces 650 hp on race fuel. This is the ultimate street/strip kit with a liquid/air intercooler housed in a custom billet aluminum airbox and ECU Editor, Billet Fuel Rail and Larger Injectors. No refilling water injection kits with this baby, just add gas and you're ready to go!!! With the use of liquid to air intercooling you can safely run up to 400 hp on pump fuel, and make it extremely efficient 650 hp on race fuel.

This kit comes with everything you need to build the Ultimate Hayabusa turbo kit. From the twin entry Garrett GT 40R turbo, 44mm V-band Tial wastegate or the 50mm Tial blow off valve, you are getting all top-of-the-line products with this kit. From the custom stainless steel header mounting the huge twin entry Garrett GT 40R turbo, pump up through a massive up-pipe directly into the billet aluminum water-to-air intercooled airbox. 

RCC Turbo really outdid itself with this kit. The intercooled airbox is simply a work of art. The efficiency of this turbo kit is unsurpassed in the industry. When you buy RCC Ultra Turbo Kit, you know you're purchasing the best turbo kit available.

Super ULTRA™ Turbo System for 2008 Hayabusa 650hp

Garrett Twin Entry GT 40R turbo
44mm V-band Tial Waste gate
50mm Tial Blow off Valve
3" Stainless Steel Race Dump-pipe
Twin Entry Stainless Steel Header and Flanges
Braided Oil Feed Line with Fittings
Oil Return Line and Fittings
New In-line Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Lines
ULTRA™ Billet Aluminum Air box/Inter-cooler 
Heat Exchanger & Electric Water pump
Billet Primary rail with larger injectors
Oil Block Off Plates
Crankcase Vent Filter
High Flow Air filter
Vacuum lines, Hoses, Clamps, & Fittings (labeled)

This is the ultimate street/strip kit, the liq/air inter-cooler on this kit will allow you to safely run up to 380hp on pump fuel,and with the right engine components it will make 650hp on race fuel. If you are looking for the ultimate turbo kit, this is it!


We also carry a full line of engine components, such as Connecting Rods, Pistons and Clutch Components, so you can build a motor capable of handling the horsepower this turbo kit produces.


Due to the numerous options offered on the RCC turbo kits, each kit is custom-made per order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping and processing.

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