Suzuki Hayabusa RCC TURBOS Stage 1 Turbo Kit (1999 – 2007): A Thorough Review

Suzuki Hayabusa RCC TURBOS Stage 1 Turbo Kit (1999 – 2007): A Thorough Review.


The RCC Turbos Stage 1 Turbo Kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 1 (1999 – 2007) is one of the best, if not the best entry-level Turbo kit available for the famed Suzuki Hayabusa. 

Regardless if you’re looking to finally Turbo your Hayabusa or you’re tired of dealing with a homemade Turbo Kit that you bought off eBay, this is the perfect Turbo Kit for you, with a lot of room to grow in the future. Ruthless Performance Motorsports must warn you that turbocharging your motorcycle can be addictive and the installation of this Turbo Kit on your motorcycle, may never allow you to be happy riding another non-turbocharged motorcycle, ever again. This RCC Turbo Kit comes with everything you need to install it a Turbo system on your Busa and will deliver consistent reliable performance for years to come. Right out-of-the-box this turbocharger kit will make 250 hp on pump gas, without any engine modifications and it also fits inside the stock bodywork for that sleeper look, although it is hard to hide the sound of a set of Turbo Dump Pipes hanging outside you’re BUSA (full and shorty exhaust with muffler available as an option, for those of you who want your bike as quiet as stock or close to it).  The custom Garrett Turbo that comes with this kit will support over 400 hp by adding the RCC Turbos secondary fuel system and with slight engine modifications, and no need to buy another Turbo to upgrade this kit.

RCC Turbos are known for their professional quality, top-of-the-line components, that are all backed by over two decades of research and development, which can be seen across their entire line of Turbo kits. On a personal note, I have been running RCC Turbo kits on my personal bikes for well over a decade now and have been friends with the owner, Richard Peppler, for just as long.  The quality and craftsmanship of the entire line of RCC Turbo kits is of the highest quality available. From the easy to follow instructions, to the thoroughly designed and engineered system, industry-leading components, show quality finish, you get everything you need to turbocharge your Suzuki Hayabusa.

The custom-built Garrett Turbo that comes with this kit can easily support over 400 hp, yet still scpools up at low RPM, with great throttle response. The specifications of this Garrett turbocharger are a closely guarded industry secret, which has been developed and tweaked, by over a decade of research and testing. Don’t bother asking for any information on this unit, as you simply won’t receive any. As you can see from the photographs available on the product page (available in the link above), this Turbo comes with a custom intake compressor housing and custom exhaust turbine housing, which are custom cast for RCC Turbos and cannot be purchased anywhere except through RCC Turbos and their distributors.  Although the center unit, bearings, compressor wheel and turbine wheel are all manufactured specifically for RCC Turbos by Garrett Turbos. The great thing about this turbocharger is it’s the perfect choice for a stage I kit, offering quick spool times and very little Turbo lag, but at the same time offering enough flow to produce over 400 hp, if you choose to upgrade in the future.

The Custom Billet Aluminum RCC Turbos Airbox (Intake Plenum) is nothing less than a work of art, with years of research and development in its production. This unit offers form, function, quality, and beauty, all with the rugged durability only a custom CNC machined billet piece of aluminum can offer.  Those of you who have been turbocharging motorcycles for years, may have either had this happen to you or have heard stories of a Turbo charger kit on a motorcycle backfiring and destroying the fabricated sheet-metal intake Plenum, that the vast majority of Turbo kits still to this day come with. With the custom billet intake Plenum from RCC Turbos, those worries are a thing of the past. Pictures that are available on the product page in the link above, can only give you an idea of the beauty and craftsmanship of this piece. You really need to hold it in your hands to fully appreciate the quality of this product, as well as its beauty.

Boost from this kit is controlled via the industry-leading 38 mm Tial Sport MVS wastegate (external). While many Turbo kits on the market today rely on an internally gated Turbo to save money on components, they are also sacrificing performance. Tial is the industry leader in both wastegate technology and BOV (Blow-off Valve), as well as Turbo exhaust housings. The quality and performance of these external wastegate’s are second to none in the industry and come standard with the RCC TURBOS Stage 1 & 2 Turbo Kits. This kit includes a number of wastegate springs to allow you to increase or decrease the boost level of your kit. This kit comes installed with the proper spring for this kit and base map, which are included. But since this kit can be easily upgraded, RCC Turbos supplies you with additional springs for various boost levels. The Tial Sport external wastegate comes with many industry-leading innovations, such as multiple vacuum port locations for ease of installation, as well as ports for water cooling (which is unnecessary on a motorcycle Turbo Kit, as the wastegate is open to air), but it’s nice to know that the option is there. The stainless steel and aluminum construction and machining of these wastegate’s are second to none and will give you years of trouble-free, reliable performance. If you choose to upgrade to a Stage II kit, the use of this external wastegate will allow you to run a two-stage boost configuration or utilize a boost controllers such as the NLR AMS 1000, which can progressively ramp up your boost pressure based on time, and what gear you’re in or a number of other factors. You may be wondering why you would want to progressively control your Turbo kit’s boost, instead of just throwing in the biggest spring you can in riding it that way. Well the answer is simple, there’s just only so much boost that the bike and rider can handle at a dead stop or low speed situations, which can easily flip your bike over or smoke your tire into oblivion. Although it must be said, that Stage 1 kits do not allow you to change boost pressure once the tune is set on this kit, as a factory computer does not reference boost and cannot adjust the fuel demands for varying boost pressures across the entire RPM range. This functionality is only available in the RCC Turbos Stage 2 kits, Race kits and Ultra kits of the RCC line, but as I said, it’s great to have the highest quality parts with the option to do more in the future.

Nothing says turbocharge motorcycle like a set of dumb pipes sticking out the side fairings, giving off that amazing turbocharged exhaust note. RCC Turbos has developed its 304-grade stainless steel header in flanges, over years of development, which is why they offer a two-year warranty on all craftsmanship, cracking pipes and fitment. Yes, you heard me correctly, RCC Turbos actually casts their own stainless-steel exhaust flanges, that are used to create their stainless-steel Turbo header. (Pictures of these are available in the link above) The exhaust Dump Pipes are also high-grade stainless steel, for years of trouble-free performance and reliability. They can also be polished to a near mirror finish, which gives you that chrome exhaust pipe look hanging out your fairing. Custom Polished Aluminum charge pipes are standard in this kit from the turbo to the billet airbox, for that custom and uncompromising RCC look.

RCC Turbos have been an innovator in turbocharging motorcycles for over a decade and you can see this in their fuel system. Included in this Turbo Kit is a custom RCC Billet Rising Rate Regulator (FMU), which controls fuel pressure.  These units are manufactured by RCC Turbos and designed specifically for the RCC Turbos line of Turbo kits, although will work great on any other Stage 1 Kit. These units are a rising rate fuel pressure regulator, unlike the 1:1 ratio fuel pressure regulator that come with the Stage II Turbo kit and the other kits in the RCC Turbo Kit line that create even more horsepower. A raising rate fuel pressure regulator works differently than a 1:1 rate regulator, in that it raises the fuel pressure at a rate that is disproportionately higher than the boost pressure. Where a 1:1 rate fuel pressure regulator would increase fuel pressure in your fuel system one psi for every one psi of boost, to compensate for the increased Boost pressure in the intake which would actually eventually start pushing fuel back through the fuel injectors, if you did not raise the fuel pressure equally as boost pressure was being raised. This fuel pressure regulator increases the fuel pressure more than the boost pressure applied to the system. The main advantage of this is you do not have to change your STOCK fuel injectors; the stock injectors will work just fine and still be able to both supply enough fuel for the turbo kit under boost and run like a stock motorcycle while off boost. This rising rate fuel pressure regulator is just one more example of why RCC Turbos is a leader in the industry of boost.

Supplying the fuel to this system is an aftermarket electric fuel pump, fittings and fuel filter capable of producing over 400 hp. So, in the future if you want to upgrade your Turbo Kit to make over 400 hp, no need to change your fuel system, just switch over to secondary injection and use a 1:1 ratio fuel pressure regulator. This Turbo system also comes with all the fittings required to integrate this Turbo Kit into the factory fuel rail and seamlessly mount to the gas tank and connectors, no need for custom fabrication.

When we say this is a complete kit, we mean it, as this kit also includes all the bits and pieces to finish off your installation. From bolts that need to be changed from those supplied from the factory, to vacuum lines, to the fittings on the turbo and lines to handle the oil, this kit comes with everything you need. Oil comes from a custom fitting that mount right to the engine, which connects to a stainless-steel braided oil feed line, which goes to the correct oil feed fitting for the turbo. Oil drainage from the turbo is handled through the included turbo drain fitting, oil line are supplied and fittings and a custom AN fitting that is installed directly into your oil pan (as a drain). As I said before, this kit literally comes with everything you need from start to finish.

You must be asking yourself at this point, what about a base fuel map, does that come with the kit? Of course, it does. The kit is supplied with a base map for The Dyno Jet Power Commander or upon request for those who use the ECU-Editor or Woolich Racing ECU flashing software, those maps are also available upon request. As with any and every turbo kit that Ruthless Performance Motorsports sells to our customers, we highly recommend you have these Turbo kits tuned on a Dino by a qualified tuner, who is experienced in tuning turbocharged applications. Or at the very least, obtain a data logging unit that is wideband 02 sensor capable. Although the base map will get you close to where you want to be, to get every last bit of power out of a turbo kit, you should always have them tuned properly.

In conclusion, in my personal opinion that comes with over two decades of running boosted applications, I can confidently say the RCC Turbos Suzuki Hayabusa Stage 1 Turbo Kit is one of the best or if not the best Stage 1 Turbo kits available on the market today, as well as the entire line of RCC Turbo kits. At Ruthless Performance Motorsports we sell, install, and use on our personal motorcycles Turbo kits from the line of RCC Turbos, we can’t offer any better recommendation than that. With RCC Turbos you always know you’re getting quality, reliability, and industry exclusive two-year warranty.



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